about meet at 80

Meet at 80 was created in the 2020 lockdown when all things were a bit rubbish and we couldn't have fun...

With both of us having a background in events, culture and the arts, we knew first-hand that what we were all missing out on was more than just day to day normality.  What was deeper-rooted was the need to express ourselves in creative ways.  We all missed the togetherness, the communication and the freedom to express ourselves through diverse means.

The studio is situated in a really great area: full of artists, creatives and small business owners, and it has a strong sense of community.  It was important for us to create a space where our community and others can meet, come together, and for us to provide an opportunity for shared experiences and enrichment.


We are open to workshops, pop ups, classes, speakers, business meetings, creative and artistic ventures - you name it.

Get in touch if you are interested in attending a workshop or have something you would like to do yourself. We look forward to seeing you at Meet At 80 ;)

Sally and Dazzler

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Image by @annamariestepneyphotography

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